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What's on at Kintaline Farm in 2016

Seasonal supplies of Jacob mutton, lamb & free range pork
Fleece & Fibre : fleeces, batts and roving for craft work from native breeds
Feed Store : smallholding, pet and wild bird feeds, bedding, fuel
Poultry and Waterfowl housing, mail order throughout the UK (10%December discount)
Muirfield Black Rock pullets - free range raised here on the farm
Host of Ardchattan Parish local History Archive
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6th Dec 2016 : All domestic & commercial poultry & waterfowl in England and Scotland are ordered to be confined for 30 days as precaution against Avian Influenza H5N8 in migratory birds: updated info here

poultry coops and housing for ducks geese and chickens

Practical Affordable WATERFOWL AND POULTRY HOUSING available throughout United Kingdom

information about our jacob sheep flock

Argyll JACOB SHEEP, raised here on the farm for their lamb, mutton, fleece and rugs

ardchattan parish benderloch, barcaldine, north connel, bonawe

Ardchattan parish : Benderloch, Barcaldine, North connel, Bonawe - Past and Present

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Kintaline 2016 : we still sell Muirfield Black Rocks but no longer have the old utility pure breeds - please enjoy our information. :
Utility Breeds :Keeping Domestic Poultry : An Information Resource

produced by Kintaline Poultry Centre, Benderloch, Oban, Argyll PA37 1QS
These pages are part of a growing information resource inspired by, and based on, decades of helping domestic poultry keepers find the right solutions for their situation and our own experience breeding birds to improve selected UK pure breeds. No "out of the box, one size fits all" here. We recognisethe individuality of your circumstances and have the experience, and the range of answers, to help you and your birds. It is far from complete please bear with us, and return to learn more.

Keeping Domestic Poultry and Waterfowl

The pages on this site are dedicated to providing some of the information we have been passing on to customers here at the farm, over the phone and by email over the past decades.
It will be an ever growing resource, and we hope you will find some useful, down to earth, practical but honest, help.
Domestic poultry and waterfowl keeping has become a increasingly popular hobby, unfortunately much of the information and advice given is over generalised, out of date, misleading or just plain wrong. Several of the newly published books are certainly in this category.
We have many years of experience in keeping a wide range of birds, dealing with the problems in person, and in helping thousands of people to work out their needs, solve their problems and keep their birds in the best conditions.
We have learnt from some of the best poultry folks, from our birds, and from making our own mistakes, and we continue to learn daily. Our experience is not limited to poultry, and our training includes animal behaviour, ecology, welfare and health.
Our main breeding interest has been in the breeds that started out as productive birds, but whose qualities are now much reduced by weak selection, and learning the skills to improve the birds that are left in our national flocks now. We have a pragmatic view of the commericial world and hope to share a wider perspective of the subject than the media like to use to gain attention.

ALL QUESTIONS including whats to come.

Tim and Jill Bowis
Kintaline Mill Farm, Benderloch, OBAN Argyll PA37 1QS Scotland
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Here at Kintaline Farm we have very full days with our plants and livestock outside, family, guests and customers visiting the farm, as well as email and phone customers.
Please email with your daytime and evening telephone numbers if you are having difficulties getting hold of us by phone. We will return your call as soon as we can.

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Proud to be members and committee for our local Sustainability Network : Local Origins Rural Network